Monday, December 7, 2009

That's a real piece of candy

New subscribo.. new lovely giftie !
A must get here ! But not only .. keep looking ^-^
If you've been a nice person ... "A Piece of Candy" Santa will reward you with cutey skins and sweaters. I'm only showing you one, on the left and one of the two sweaters. But only becaaaauusssee...
I *HAD* to show you Sugarcube gift for "Down the Chimney" Hunt prize. This black dress is just incredly sexy! And no need to do your hair with Tiny Bird members giftie!
And if you still don't have enough of greatness, hurry at Deviance for the lucky chair is full of adorable outfits like the Faery Strawberry...
But don't forget to join the group and check in history so you can get Santa's Sweetie outfit ... and the matching boots are to find in the store for FREE !
Yay thanks to all the generous designers !

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