Saturday, December 26, 2009

Guess what? She's done nearly done...

****** Caution Breakings News ******
Kouse is the secret daughter of Santa ! You don't believe me ? Well just look at the following pictures then. When you know we are barely "done" with Kouse's advent calendar (if we ever can be done with it) ... She already sends to her subscribo group members a special edition of the Hope gown in red.
I could not do anything but to show you a yet unreleased version of Hope in blue for it looks to me like an exquisite night sky.
But along with that amazing gown, Kouse is also sending to you licky members the Faery Tiara ! Gorgeous isn't it ? (necklace and earrings are new releases by Dark Mouse)
Not free but not less gorgeous, Grace gown has been released in all colors. Come check it out. It's not any less somptuous than in the calendar !
And I'm being a tad late on that one but Glimmer is available as well. A two-looks-in-one dress, with its cute babydoll look and the formal empire skirt

Kouse in really not nearly done with amazing us !

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