Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas !!!

"I looked for hours for a Xmas present for you and all I got was this stupid t-shirt"

Merry Christmas readers, designers, fellow bloggers, friends and strangers too !
I want to apologise for not blogging a lot as of a late, RL kicked in, I moved in my new flat (yay !!) but I got to wait a little before the internet reaches me there.
Plus Christmas is a time dedicated to the ones you love.
As a period comes to an end, you got to think and look back and wow, I'm so glad of the distance I travelled. The journey with you has been wonderful and I look forward 2010 with still much to share and find.
Thank you readers for being there, for your advices and support.
Thank you designers for sharing your work with us.
Thank you all the blog team for bringing your own little piece of fashion, you all rock.
Of course thanks to all the bloggers in general for being such a great community.
Today I logged on an awful lot of capped items and while i was digging through it, I found this cute gift. Thanks so much Ghanima for being such a sweetheart. This is one of the cutest gift ever.
This "stupid t-shirt" means a lot more than just a t-shirt!
Friendship is the greatest gift ever ^-^
And I don't expect more from a friend !
To you all out there, believe in yourself, believe in your dreams and fight for what seems right to your soul.
Thanks again for giving me the strengh to believe in this blog !
Hugs !

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