Thursday, December 10, 2009

Status Quome: In Absentia, Sort Of

I didn't think I'd be able to blog again till after the New Year cause of some major RL time crunches, but thanks to some downtime at work and lots of help from a friend in SL, I'm going to toss one out real quick.

This is my friend "D" who was sweet enough to not only pose, but get the info for me and TP me to a couple places for new stuff. *blows kiss at D* He's pretty awesome, and one of my 1st friends in SL. But if any of the slurls are wrong it's HIS fault! lol

If I don't see y'all before then, have a happy holiday season!

On Quome: Green Jammies: "Del's" Teddy Bear PJs SLH Hunt Box #23
Socks: Rockberry Gift 4
On D: PJs and candy cane nom, Pasarella hunt gifts

On Quome:
Sweater: Rockberry gift
Jeans: LaRosa Sexbomb Christmas Gift #5
Skin: Rockberry Farrah natural PoE2 hunt gift
Hair: Truth Holly (not free)
Shoes: LaRosa Xmas Gift #4
Scarf: LaRosa Xmas Gift
On D: More Pasarella hunt gifts
Hair: Bryce Advent Gift #10 (today ONLY! Run!)
Boots: Studio M'z (no longer free)

More Pasarella gifts. ALL previous and current hunt gifts are out, and on the Christmas tree in the store. Most have male and female gifts! If you missed any, there ya go. (And buy something too, the owner is way generous!)

Background and all decor from Perturb/Ation Gatcha, 30L (15 different items)

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