Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Status Quome: On A Sugar Buzz

I went to one of my favorite furniture places, Munspain, and they are having a Candy Hunt! There are 20 candy canes to find, and also a few with 1L gifts and a few that are fakes. The hunt takes you through the mall and shops and has prizes from many stores. Go to the main plaza part, here, and click to get a basket from in front of the hunt board. Wear the basket, then bop around the mall and click all the candy canes. Each hunt candy will give you a hint to the next one in chat. When you're done, go back and click the hunt board again and collect the Big Prize!

This is the Munspain Hunt Prize. All 5 items in the set are included! The furniture has multiple poses. I love the Santa Lounger!
Aside from the holiday gifts, they have attractive, very reasonably priced furnishings and decor in a bunch of colors and styles too.

Another set available at Munspain, this is the MM board prize. Fireplace and decorations, chairs and ottoman, rug, table, candles, plant that opens and closes, and a bed (with cuddle menu, wink wink) for only 100 slaps! The lighted tree is part of the Candy Hunt prize. (Other prizes include a weapon from EIC, jewelry from Boobies Bijoux, an animated parrot from Honest Pets, two motorcycles- one ridable, one with adult animations- from G Point, and a complete store structure from Stores Supply. All in one box when you finish the hunt!)

The hair is an Advent gift from A&A, skin from Rockberry PoE hunt, and the jammies are part of the new Sn@tch group gift. Thanks to everyone for the wonderful presents!

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