Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A New Release from MysticHope

So I went into MysticHope yesterday and found this new release in their 50L Mystic Paradise area.

Mystic Paradise Pepper Romance - Green

Of course I had to have it.. cause.. O-o you know me. Guess how much it is?! Haha yep, 50$L! Of course it comes in other colors as well. :)

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and have a great New Year!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Status Quome: Bundled Up

I'm trying to catch up on everything I missed so far, which has been hard cause most of the time as soon as I log in there's a zillion interruptions. I come back later to find my av parked who knows where, out in the cold, freezing her pixel fanny off. So I rounded up a few outfits to keep her warm.

Complete outfit with rainboots from Before Sleep, Christmas gift #2. Several dollarbies there. Hair from, Winter.jennifer 50L Friday sale (ended) and skin mentioned below.

OK so this isn't exactly warm, but it was fun! Complete outfit from GiMa, with skates and skating animation. More prezzies under the tree too! Skin Maya prototype- natural (4 styles free! Join group) at Free Speerit.

Gorgeous sweater from So Many Styles and snowflake shoes from GiMa (Christmas gifts). Jeans from WoE, subscribo gift. Another of the Free Speerit Maya skins called Glamour.

Off topic, but Ho Wear still has a pile of gifts under the tree. This is just a few of the 19 or 20 presents. (Hair from A&A advent calendar. Shoes from PM, not free)

Hope everyone is having a great holiday!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas presents !

If you haven't been there yet, you better hurry !
1) Evie's Closet lucky dip. 40L per try. 8 different gifts.
Special edition of Cygnet dress
Special edition of Isabella ensemble (wings included) + Mistletoe garland
===> My advice ? Go there with friends. You will probably get the same item several times, so as they're transferable, you can exchange them. Or gift them !

2) Mystic Sky ! New lucky Chair prize

The somptuous Ella gown in green is now available if luck is on your side ! Plus don't forget to check the whole store for the lovely creations and ... *whispers* group notices too !

Guess what? She's done nearly done...

****** Caution Breakings News ******
Kouse is the secret daughter of Santa ! You don't believe me ? Well just look at the following pictures then. When you know we are barely "done" with Kouse's advent calendar (if we ever can be done with it) ... She already sends to her subscribo group members a special edition of the Hope gown in red.
I could not do anything but to show you a yet unreleased version of Hope in blue for it looks to me like an exquisite night sky.
But along with that amazing gown, Kouse is also sending to you licky members the Faery Tiara ! Gorgeous isn't it ? (necklace and earrings are new releases by Dark Mouse)
Not free but not less gorgeous, Grace gown has been released in all colors. Come check it out. It's not any less somptuous than in the calendar !
And I'm being a tad late on that one but Glimmer is available as well. A two-looks-in-one dress, with its cute babydoll look and the formal empire skirt

Kouse in really not nearly done with amazing us !

Have a merry Kouse-mas

I just slightly missed showing you the last gifts of Kouse so here they are... all available until the end of the month for cheap prices (nothing above 50L)
12 more Sleeps: Cyrenia Christmas gown (middle)
11 more Sleeps : Kyrie dress in red (left)
10 more Sleeps: Princess Christmas gown (right)
9 more Sleeps: Kyrie dress in green (left)
8 more Sleeps: Nahlayea Christmas gown in green (middle)
7 moree Sleeps: Lynet Fae Christmas minidress (right)
6 more Sleeps: Winter Holiday Hair Pin (middle)
5 more Sleeps: Cyrenia Christmas gown short (left)
4 more Sleeps: Nahlayea Christmas gown in red (right)
3 more Sleeps: Snowflake Tiara (middle)
2 more Sleeps: Cyrenia Christmas gown (left)
1 more Sleep: Hope gown short (right)
Christmas Day: Hope gown.

Thanks Kouse for spoiling us so much.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas presents

And a few gifties at least ! Caution cuteness !

Left: A Piece of Candy subscribo gift - Maya babydoll dress
Right: Nushru Elf Lady Outfit group gift - Cookie necklace by Dark Mouse (non-free)

Merry Christmas !!!

"I looked for hours for a Xmas present for you and all I got was this stupid t-shirt"

Merry Christmas readers, designers, fellow bloggers, friends and strangers too !
I want to apologise for not blogging a lot as of a late, RL kicked in, I moved in my new flat (yay !!) but I got to wait a little before the internet reaches me there.
Plus Christmas is a time dedicated to the ones you love.
As a period comes to an end, you got to think and look back and wow, I'm so glad of the distance I travelled. The journey with you has been wonderful and I look forward 2010 with still much to share and find.
Thank you readers for being there, for your advices and support.
Thank you designers for sharing your work with us.
Thank you all the blog team for bringing your own little piece of fashion, you all rock.
Of course thanks to all the bloggers in general for being such a great community.
Today I logged on an awful lot of capped items and while i was digging through it, I found this cute gift. Thanks so much Ghanima for being such a sweetheart. This is one of the cutest gift ever.
This "stupid t-shirt" means a lot more than just a t-shirt!
Friendship is the greatest gift ever ^-^
And I don't expect more from a friend !
To you all out there, believe in yourself, believe in your dreams and fight for what seems right to your soul.
Thanks again for giving me the strengh to believe in this blog !
Hugs !

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I'm just sayin'

Do you remember the good ole times ? I mean those where during two hours you could be one the lucky people able to grab a free Phoenix Designs and Firefall outfit, generously set to 0L by those two wonderful ladies?
Well... I'm just sayin'..
... today could be ...
.. more than just a memory.

So .. watch out !

Hugs Rainy ^-^

Posing cube is a gift from BehaviourBody ~Thanks Shay~ I'll post the slurl later.

Status Quome: On A Sugar Buzz

I went to one of my favorite furniture places, Munspain, and they are having a Candy Hunt! There are 20 candy canes to find, and also a few with 1L gifts and a few that are fakes. The hunt takes you through the mall and shops and has prizes from many stores. Go to the main plaza part, here, and click to get a basket from in front of the hunt board. Wear the basket, then bop around the mall and click all the candy canes. Each hunt candy will give you a hint to the next one in chat. When you're done, go back and click the hunt board again and collect the Big Prize!

This is the Munspain Hunt Prize. All 5 items in the set are included! The furniture has multiple poses. I love the Santa Lounger!
Aside from the holiday gifts, they have attractive, very reasonably priced furnishings and decor in a bunch of colors and styles too.

Another set available at Munspain, this is the MM board prize. Fireplace and decorations, chairs and ottoman, rug, table, candles, plant that opens and closes, and a bed (with cuddle menu, wink wink) for only 100 slaps! The lighted tree is part of the Candy Hunt prize. (Other prizes include a weapon from EIC, jewelry from Boobies Bijoux, an animated parrot from Honest Pets, two motorcycles- one ridable, one with adult animations- from G Point, and a complete store structure from Stores Supply. All in one box when you finish the hunt!)

The hair is an Advent gift from A&A, skin from Rockberry PoE hunt, and the jammies are part of the new Sn@tch group gift. Thanks to everyone for the wonderful presents!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Allana's ears

Hiya dear,
It's been kinda hectic schedule since the beginning of the week, so i'm a tad late for your ears post but here they are. Some free, some cheapies and you got to pick your favourite !

Pic 1: Illusions (175L) Color change Drow Fantasy ears
Pic 2: Discord (99L) Color Change Elf ears
Pic 3: Illusions (175L) Color change Punky Elf ears
Pic 4: Caverna Obscura (free) Drow ears (with or without spider earrings)
Pic 5: Epic (free) Elf ears (you gotta adjust yourself the color to match your skin)

Caverna Obscura has some cute elf ears stuffed in the lucky chair as well, Moonlight Obsession has some in the MM but I couldn't score those for you.

Pic 6 is the cute Chubby wings I got at Epic for cheap price and the masks and necklaces are gifts from Illusions!

Hugs ^-^

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Everyday Cheapies... w00t.

Hello everyone!! I hope y'all are having a great winter season so far :) *whispers* It's almost Christmas weee!!! Ok anyway, enough of my girlish squeaks and on with what my blog is about for today!
I'd like to share some everyday freebies you can find around SL. These outfits are ones I already own because.. well, they're awesome!

This cute country-girl-next-door get up you can get at LaRosa in their 10$L outlet store.

This hot ensemble I found at M&A. Much like LaRosa, you can find whole outfits such as this one here, plus pretty gowns, shoes etc and ALL of it for only 10$L!
Alot of my personal is a mix of rock/punkish/tomboy/steampunk so this was right up my alley ;)

So, do YOU know about this wonderful little place called MysticHope? I'm going to show you some stuff from there anyway. 'Cause I can and cause I'm cool like that =p *sings* Onward Fashion So-o-o-oldiers...

These next two combat outfits here are only 50$L and yes they do come in many different colors. The boots are sold seperately, also 50$L. Located in MysticHope's Mystic Paradise section where everything is 50$L. To the right of the entrance once you TP to the landing point of the store.

Mystic Paradise Autumn - Rose

Mystic Paradise Earthbreath - Green

This next one is an absolute favorite of mine, quite a gem I found! :D

Mystic Paradise Floral Elegance - Green
Now, the thing with this one is that it's sold in pieces and each item ranges in price 25 to 50$L (meaning the top, pants, skirt and gloves are all seperate but TOTALLY worth it).

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Status Quome: In Absentia, Sort Of

I didn't think I'd be able to blog again till after the New Year cause of some major RL time crunches, but thanks to some downtime at work and lots of help from a friend in SL, I'm going to toss one out real quick.

This is my friend "D" who was sweet enough to not only pose, but get the info for me and TP me to a couple places for new stuff. *blows kiss at D* He's pretty awesome, and one of my 1st friends in SL. But if any of the slurls are wrong it's HIS fault! lol

If I don't see y'all before then, have a happy holiday season!

On Quome: Green Jammies: "Del's" Teddy Bear PJs SLH Hunt Box #23
Socks: Rockberry Gift 4
On D: PJs and candy cane nom, Pasarella hunt gifts

On Quome:
Sweater: Rockberry gift
Jeans: LaRosa Sexbomb Christmas Gift #5
Skin: Rockberry Farrah natural PoE2 hunt gift
Hair: Truth Holly (not free)
Shoes: LaRosa Xmas Gift #4
Scarf: LaRosa Xmas Gift
On D: More Pasarella hunt gifts
Hair: Bryce Advent Gift #10 (today ONLY! Run!)
Boots: Studio M'z (no longer free)

More Pasarella gifts. ALL previous and current hunt gifts are out, and on the Christmas tree in the store. Most have male and female gifts! If you missed any, there ya go. (And buy something too, the owner is way generous!)

Background and all decor from Perturb/Ation Gatcha, 30L (15 different items)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Right now for the Holiday season!

To kick off my debut post on Look what the cat brought, I decided to display what I recently came across... here we go!

Magika has it's collection of Christmas do's right now for 50$L. Here's one of them, an adorable Updo with tiny string lights that glow.

This FREE outfit you can find at PixelDolls. This one in particular was right on to my personal style. I am loving the plaid skirt! :D

Rest assured, there's more where this came from me ;)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Kouse is lovely !

Taaa daaa one more week starting at Kouse's Sanctum ... So let's see !
Monday - Let It Snow Bracelet

Tuesday - Nahlayea Candy Cane
Wednesday - Lynet Fae
Thursday - Snowflake Bracelet
Friday - Let It Snow Choker
Saturday - Grace Deep Emerald