Saturday, November 12, 2011

Yes, that's me...

Yes. That is me at Shag.
And that is all Shay's fault. She made me drool talking of Shag hair at Vintage Fair, and well... Vintage Fais has been a lag party so far for me.
 So yes Shay. It's me. At Shag.
 Cos I love it and let's be honest .. you do too.
Well, time for me to strip my prims down and try to face the Vintage Fair, because I want to get there !

Hair: (top) Voulez-vous (bottom) Let me Kiss you by Shag
Top: Shag This Tshirt by Shag (freebie)
Jeans: Guage G2 Girls by WoE
Skin : Dharma by {.essences.}
Eyes: Nymph by Le Poppycock

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