Friday, November 4, 2011

Got you Kraken !

Yep.. I did it. I promised in the Ursula's post that I'd keep trying. The Kraken can call its momma now, I got all the gifties from the unlucky dip at Fantasia.
 Ok.. I'll put the credits for this post right here because, others outfits are more sexy and gorean looking, so.. if you're easily offended, I suggest that you skip the end of the post.

Outfits: All from unlucky dip by Fantasia
Hair: Vivid by Elikatira
Skin: Sally in Porcelain by Al Vulo

And if you're not scared, you can get larger pics by clicking on them.
Fantasia Restricted (left) and Bound (right)
Fantasia Belted
Fantasia Scandal

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