Friday, November 11, 2011

Wearing Snowflakes

I am seriously grateful and humbled by the opportunities I’ve been given in the past week regarding SL. Thank you, Mae, for allowing me to take my journey here, too. For readers, I didn’t hijack Mae’s blog, I swear! She let me in as another new addition to her collection of bloggers.

I’m kicking off my time here with something spectacular and some “I’ve gone overboard with layers”- ness. Kouse of Kouse’s Sanctum released a new gown today in 8 colors. I think I melted into a puddle when I put one of these on the first time. It’s Kouse style gowns with beautiful snowflake details and ribbon edges and so pretty! It was difficult to accurately picture the back, so you might have to see those for yourself to really appreciate how the bustle sits. And, if you head down to the 2nd level of her store, the Christmas Advent sales board is still there with the snowflake tiara on it, which matches perfectly!

Nov 11 - Elizabeth

Nov 11 - Elizabeth

When I went looking to accessorize with this gown, especially in red, I knew I wanted a winter cloak. Don’t ask me, but I have a thing for cloaks and I have a hard time finding the “right” ones. I did this time though! The cloak is from Arwen’s Creations and has a fur lined hood with some options too, but if I wore that I couldn’t show the tiara, and that would just be wrong!

Nov 11 - Elizabeth

The older and overboard part is all in my head.. or on it, rather. I go through spurts where I really need to do something outside the ordinary, even if it doesn’t make sense to anyone else.

Nov 11 - Elizabeth

These pictures were all taken at the Christmas Village where I played for quite a while and grinned like a fool the entire time. As much as I love fall, there really is something about Christmas time.. On a side note, I promise to try to be a little simpler in future posts.. there's a lot of "stuff" here, sorry!

All the pieces:

Cloak: Arwen’s Creations – Beira Fur Cloak – Candy Cane (special edition)

Dress: Kouse’s Sanctum – Elizabeth – Sapphire, Snow and Ruby

Tiara: Kouse’s Sanctum – Snowflake Tiara

Necklace: MC Designs – Saxet Necklace (snowflakes)

Skin: D-Skin – Dskin 62

Hair: Truth - Karen - Barley

Eyes: Tuli – Gem Eyes – Sapphire (Free - on the front counter)

Eyelashes: Redgrave – Daily 01

Ears: MW ilweran – Elven/Elf – Cold Wind

Eyeshadow: Mozz – Glittery Smokey Eyes – Silver

Eyeliner: BOOM – Liquid Glaze – Silver

Face Tattoo: White Widow

Location: Christmas Village

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