Friday, November 11, 2011

Waiting for Vintage Fair

Yes... we are all waiting for Vintage Fair to open its doors. And believe me, I have been dreaming of getting my pixelated behind there. So I can't wait any longer !
But while waiting, what do you think of a nice gazebo for the cold days ?
A little shelter to escape, think, meet friends etc etc...
Well, the talented Photos Nikolaidis from A:S:S made something just like that for us. And for free yes.
Oh.. the little dress ? Donna Flora item for Vintage Fair. Called Silvana. Yes. I can't wait to be there.
Oh yes.. the cushions, vase and rug are some hidden gift at A:S:S, to be found in the same pavilion than the gazebo !

Enjoy !

Gazebos and nicey stuff: A:S:S
Dress: Donna Flora - Silvana (can be matched with a jewelry set called Silvia - not much visible on the pic)
Hair: Red Mint Hair n°7 (50% off sale atm)
Skin: Al Vulo
Boots: Aluin Wrapped Boots in Coal
Eyes: Nymph Eyes by Le Poppycock

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