Tuesday, May 8, 2012

La demoiselle de l'Eau

I'm a little late on showing you this delicate gown created by Sascha Frangili and which is called La Seine.
I do love how dreamy and romantic it looked, and the Mint color !
So .. if you love it as much as I do ... stop by Sascha's Designs and get yourself one of those !

Dress : La Seine Mint by Sascha's Designs
Hair : Money Hunny by Pomme d'Amour
Pose : Ice Princess pose pack by Embody
Skin : Jenny (Tan 07) by Filthy
Eyes : Spring (Anne) by Banana Banshee
Feet : Mesh Bare Flat feet by Gaeline


  1. Wow, I have no words! These pictures are amazing, I am bowing to the Great Maelenn.

    xxx Sascha

  2. the pics are beautiful and the gown is dreamy.