Thursday, May 17, 2012

Her name is Music.

Her day is a song.
Her life is an opera.
The latest release by Evie's Closet is most adorable. For those who have visited Fantasy Fair, it is actually the sister gown of Ellora II (shown here).
Well you can now get both Ellora I and II for the so tiny price of 550L. Note it includes the wings and face tatoo along with the two versions of the gown.
Amazing isn't it ?
As for the rest shown in the picture, I found the dress so graceful that I wanted something as delicate as the gown, something dreamy.
That's when I found the Angel of Elements Hair from Bizarre. As lovely as it was ... I wasn't entirely happy with the look. So .. I visited a store where I hadn't been for long (HUGE mistake!) : Boon.
Of course, I found exactly what I was looking for and more.. but that's will be shown sooner or later in another post !
Now enjoy and shop !
A closeup and all credits after the cut.

Dress : Ellora I and II by Evie’s Closet
Hair is composed with :
KGI848 in chestnut by boon
Angel of Elements by Bizarre
Feet : Mesh Bare Flat feet by Gaeline
Pose : Meow (Sofie) - Gift - By Exposeur
Location : Fallen Gods sim

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