Sunday, January 29, 2012

Size doesn't matter

But look does !
And yes, it's yet another post about the Petites ! But it's also about Evie's Closet this time !
Gorgeous isn't it ? Well .. what else did you expect ? We're talking about Evie !
Want to know all the details and see (much) more pictures ?
Have a look after the break then !
Yes, I know. I really spent an awful lot of time on those Petites avies... but well I love them !
And with Evie's outfits one, they're even more splendid!
Evie resized the Will O The Wisp outfits in a Petite size and .. in mesh!!
[Personal note to Evie : Are you going to make more mesh stuff ? Because I might die of happiness if so !]

So yes, let's skip the part where I tell you how amazing the Petites look with Evie's creations on and so on and so on ... to go directly to the part where I remind you that if you want to try to resize hair / eyes or anything from a standard size to a Petite size, make sure to do a copy of it first.
So if anything goes wrong, your item will be still safe !
On the second pictures and those two last ones as well, I resized hair from : boon, 69 and pr!tty.
On those pictures, I also had my own "homemade" eyes, so you see you can customize your Petite, but be very careful !
Outfit : PETITES Will O The Wisp by Evie's Closet only available at Petites Market at the moment
Avie : PETITES -Elves (Sunkissed skin) by Fallen Gods
Hair : 
Picture 1: NMR122 red (!! resized !!) by boon
Picture : Mia (!! resized !!) by ::69::
Picture : Indie braid (!! resized !!) by pr!tty
All the other pictures : Petites Orion Mesh hair by Wasabi Pills

Pose by Everglow

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