Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Etheria has started and well.. what could be the bestest word to describe it.
I think the best I could come up with without writing a novel would be : . . . . . w o a h

Let's start with the little detail that counts a lot for me ... and I'm pretty sure most of the people who bought it just thought nice and poof .. delete .. but for me .. when you get to rezz such a cute box, there is no way that was is packed inside is ugly.
Pretty please Mouse Mimistrobell, don't make me lie and don't place ugly stuff in it !
But let's get back to Etheria itself now.... The idea is to team up clothes and jewelry designers to make together one unique outfit. I invite you to check the event directly here or check Shopping Cart Disco roundup to see all the creations !
First up .. Somnia and Miao creations. Christine dress and Heather Stones jewelry.
Both of them come with 7 different colors to chose from and the jewelry also offer a wide range of choices between main and accent stones and the metal parts.
A great result!
No no .. I have *not* forgotten to add the ruffle part.. But ain't it cute like this too ?
Second .. and I here matched two elements from two different collaborations ... is Whippet and Buck for the outfit and Dark Mouse for the jewelry.

I love both of those at first sight. The retro underwear set from Whippet and Buck had such a cute doll look .. and matched with My Lady Love set from Dark Mouse, it was a perfect femme fatale look. So hurry, it'll end on January 8th !

Style 1 : Miao & Somnia collaboration for Etheria
Style 2 : Whippet & Buck (teamed up with Undefined Lilies) and Dark Mouse (teamed up with Lark) for Etheria
Hair : Veronique Autumn/Fawn by Exile - holidays gift (look in the subscribo)
Skin : Al Vulo - Not for sale edition of Maddy
Poses by Adorkable (Chill Dork Pack) except the one on the sofa by Hopscotch (Available as gift at Pose and Prop Fair)
Skybox : While the background for Style 2 is home made, the one shown with Style 1 is one of the adorable creations by Harlow Heslop under the brand Honey I'm Home

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