Sunday, January 29, 2012

Being logical

Cold Logic is soon opening. And I just can't wait anymore.
So I figured I'd take time to take part in the opening contest before I'm too late for it !
The (splendid) mesh Winter dress is available in the subscribo as a pre-opening giftie and .. yes, it's mesh, it's simply designed and looking wonderful.
 Loads of amazing pictures of this line have been already done, if you got some time, check the flickr! Contest ends tomorrow, so don't do like, and do it quickly so you don't miss it!
 And keep your eyes peeled for the moment the store will finally open !
Dress : Winter Dress by coldLogic
Skin : Sakia (camelia light brow) in Bronze by Al Vulo
Hair : Kamiko by Wasabi Pills
Boots : Britian boots by PHILO

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