Sunday, January 29, 2012

Petites but not that small !

Ok .. be prepared. You will be "awwing' all post long just like me while doing it !
The Petites are cute mesh avatars about 1/4 of a standard avie's size and it is complete cuteness (Have I already mentionned it?)
Petites are avatars originally created by Yabusaka Loon, and you can find the Petites market at Yabusaka sim. Although there is not much choice at the moment for the Petites avies, more and more designers are getting involved and creating Petites items !
So here are the one created by Alia Baroque from Fallen Gods .
Three Petites available there : Elves, Crystal and Dracos. I could show you about 50 pictures (which is not so far from the actual quantity of pictures I already took of them) but to make it simple... I only picked one style for each lines !
Jump after the break to see them and all the credits !
As promised... after showing the Crystal Pixie in the first pic, here comes the second style Dracos.
Yes... with such a name you'd expect a dragon look. And you're right !
But with the carbon skin and white hair, it totally looked like a mini drow and I absolutely loved this one !
And last but not the least ... The Elven look.
Of course the outfits come in several colors, skins as well so it gives you a nice range of possibilities.

As well, even though most hair styles "normal size" won't fit, some can be resized to suit a Petite.
It's what I did with the 1st and 3rd look in this post but ... BE CAREFUL !!
Make a copy of your hair first and then mod the copy. So in case it can't go small enough or whatever can go wrong, you won't have lost your hair !
Same applies for the eyes. You may make your standard prim eyes (if you wear prim eyes) small enough to go with the Petites but once again, make a copy first !
Style 1:
Avie and outfit : PETITES - Crystals (Musk skin and Violet outfit) by Fallen Gods
Hair : Teased up (!! resized !!) by lamb
Pose by Everglow

Style 2:
Avie and outfit : PETITES -Dracos (Carbon skin and Demon outfit) by Fallen Gods
Hair : Petites Orion Mesh hair by Wasabi Pills
Pose by Everglow

Style 3:
Avie and outfit : PETITES -Elves (Sunkissed Corruption skin and Mithril Brown outfit) by Fallen Gods
Hair : Teased up (!! resized !!) by lamb
Pose by Everglow

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