Friday, January 6, 2012


First ... and yes I know Neida already blogged those gorgeous gown by Kouse's Sanctum, but those were a total crush for me.
For two reasons. One, Isabella is the name of my mother, and second, by sheer coincidence, it happens that this gown looks very similar to my mother's wedding gown !
So it was not possible for me not to blog about it ! More pics of Isabella after the break!
Second is Eira by the Princess Shoppe

Quick !! Click !!

Gowns :
* Isabella by Kouse's Sanctum
* Eira by The Princess Shoppe
Hair :
* With Isabella - Amandine by Wasabi Pills
* With Eira - Dark Mouse Alex (brown) and Antonia (red)
Skin: Angel Petal Dark by Curio

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