Wednesday, January 25, 2012


It's been long since I posted about Beautiful Dirty Rich.. but here it is ... back on the Cat !
 And first ... a group gift !
Sweetie outfit includes, as always, all accessories, from shoes to ears !
And if you're not too much of a pink lover ... pick one of the other colors available as Sweetie is the latest release.
Oh and yes... it's ductape on my mouth... Harm will you ask ? Not this time.
It's a recent release from VioleNt Chemicals and since I have to run to work ... I have to stop talking to you !!

Outfits: Sweetie by Beautiful Dirty Rich
Ductape by VioleNt Chemicals
Skin : Sakia in Fair by Al Vulo + Gloss light pink make up
Hair : Zee by Alice Project
Prop: Polywall v1 by Diesel Works

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