Saturday, August 20, 2011

Leaving some tears in the city

 Sigyn is the latest creation from the talented Ghanima Uriza, Blue Blood's designer.
The outfit comes in two versions: Filled or Straps and yes... the straps one is hawt.

And as well, I must show you the previous release, Tears, which is just supa-cute so I couldn't let it sleep in my inventory without showing it to you !
And now... Goodnight lovelies!

Sigyn pictures:
Hair is Rinoa in Black by Beautiful Dirty Rich
Boots are Dare Me boots by Thalia (grey - slightly recolored by me)
Ankle boots are Soho by Maitreya

Tears picture:
Hair is Mochi by Wasabi Pills
Boots are Dare Me boots by Thalia (dark gold)

Down the Rabbit Hole

I've followed Wonderland Hunt's path a little further and found something pretty at Beautiful Dirty Rich.. so I thought I should share it with you !
This cute outfit is the hunt prize and as per usual with BDR, it includes simply everything! Understand: 2 sets of ears (blue and white), 2 tails, boots, and tons of skirt options!
Enjoy !

Outfit:Alice in Wonderland by Beautiful Dirty Rich
Hair: Eve by Wasabi Pills
Location: Epic

Following the White Rabbit

... to Wonderland !
I wish (i.e. hope and will try to) I'll get some time to do the complete hunt but I really had to show you the hunt gift by Deviance for the Wonderland Hunt.
 But ... shhh ... or the White Rabbit will notice us!

Outfit: Wonderland Dress by Deviance (Wonderland Hunt prize)
Hair: Eve by Wasabi Pills (new release)
Location: Epic

Monday, August 15, 2011

Rat des villes ou rat des champs ?

As this french saying asks... Do you prefer the city ...
... or the country ?
Great thing with [Iren] is that she creates fashion for both of them !
Now all you have to do is pick your favourite... or grab them all !!

Bye bye !

Pic 1:
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Mocha in Night Shadow
Outfit: Iren USA playlist

Shoes: Freedom Sneakers by Baby Monkey
Poseprop: Light box (previous hunt gift) by Glitterati

Pic 2:
Hair: Tribal Soul - Guilherme in Black
Outfit: Iren - Summer Dress Gentle Floral Dots

Pic 3:
Hair: Tribal Soul - Veruska in Black
Outfit: Iren - Summer Dress Pinkey Gardi

Pic 2:
Hair: Tribal Soul - Guilherme in Black
Outfit: Iren - Summer Dress Floral Dots


Brand new from Kouse's Sanctum: Gabrielle.
And if I didn't know Kouse before, I'd probably say magic has put in the work but, it's "just" the usual by Kouse !
Enjoy !
My two favourites from this line: Sapphire and Crimson.

Six other colors available: Ocean, Coal, Chocolate
Snow, Forest and Grape

Hair: Tribal Soul Guilherme in Black (first two pictures) * Other pics: Wasabi Pills Mochi hair in Night Shadow
Dresses: Gabrielle by Kouse's Sanctum

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Give me some Soleil !

New to me ... [S]oleil !
I'm not yet totally awake so I'll let the pictures do the talking but.. that's some stylish fashion and extremely affordable! It can only be found on the market place [here] for the moment ! So keep your eyes peeled !
[S]oleil Imogen in Black - 4 colors pack for 150L
[S]oleil Snowball Sprite for 25L
Particles are in a separate attachement so can be "turned off"
[S]oleil Imogen in Peach and White

Hair: Aura in Copper by Adoness
Pose: Polywall by Diesel Works

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Making the hullabaloo in the country

Yes.. we can!
And this post is just about to show you how.
First get some Hullabaloo.. one or two spoon if you're sugar-addicted !
Ella (dress and bloomer) in grey [Can be worn as a dress]
Then add some L'Abel Country on it ... and then add whatever you like. I picked some huge strawberries as you can see !
Ella (dress and bloomer) in grey [Can be worn as a dress]
Then swing it once or twice ... and ta dam !
Anna Lace Top in White and Lana Leggings in Raspberry
Hullabaloo is a freshly opened posestore made by a talented fellow blogger Sawa Gothly of Sawa's Style blog. You may check the store blog also for infos, update and all the usual :)
So besides the gift, you may (if not must) get one or more of the three sets of poses already available: Kat, Emma and Lilly, each one containing 10 poses for the small price of 250L$!
Lana Leggings in Raspberry and Indina Cardigan in Pink
About L'Abel .. and Ivalde, of course, this is the second part of the country collection [First part blogged here] and it's not any less cute !
As per usual, it's soft colors and delicate designs with a touch a summer !
Now I'll let you enjoy the pics !
Indina Cardigan in Pink and Alica Pants in LightCoral
Odrina (dress, bloomer and tunic) in Denim Blue
July Shirt in Cream and Alica pants in White

Pose : Top picture is Hullabaloo gift "Hands in Pants"
Outfits: All by L'Abel and Ivalde - Country Collection Part II
Hair: Aura by Adoness in Copper
Skin: Alexandra - Tan 08 by Filthy
Shoes: Freedom Sneakers by Baby Monkey
Glasses: Vain Sunglasses in Dark Blue (random gift giver inside the mainstore) by Purplemoon

Monday, August 8, 2011

Bella and Alexandra

A quick one today to show you the great dresses recently released by Filthy : Bella !
Note on the middle one, I've edited the right strap, usually they're both falling on the shoulders as seen on the other pictures :)
Shown with the sexy dress and also very new by Filthy, the Alexandra skin. Look below for some close-up of the different skin tones and makeups !
As well, the gorgeous hair by Adoness, Aura and the sneakers from Baby Monkey !

Jump after the break to see the close-up!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Deal me in!

Leezu is having a hunt and the possible gifts are .. a m a z i n g !
So here is the thing, you must hunt for twelves poker cards which have been hidden in each of the store sections !
Oh.. first you must be part of the Leezu Group and have the active title, so when you touch the card, you'll receive it your invent!
Then place it all in one folder (little advice: Leezu's owner Barbara Nicholls must be receiving tons of those folders so, I'd advice you to name the folder after your name and adding "Deal Me In Hunt" after).
Then you must decide which gift you wish to receive !
For myself i picked the Margo jacket in snow, this pretty piece of work couldn't *not* be mine !
But you may also go for:
  • Noir Myriam dress
  • Virage Dress (pick one color)
  • Robin Jeans (pick one color)
Thank you for this great moment of fun Miss Nicholls !

Jacket: Margo Jacket in Snow by Leezu
Short: Puffy Black Shorts by Sassy Kitty
Hair: Aura in Black by Adoness
Skin: August group gift by Filthy in ivory

Friday, August 5, 2011

Such a doll !

Is something you could say concerning Ghanima Uriza, the fabulous mind behind Blue Blood's designs !
And I have been showing her properly my love for her amazing creations lately ! So here is me, trying to catch up all the latest pretties from Blue Blood. Hope you'll enjoy and hope you'll let Ghani know how fabulous she is if you get the luck to meet her around some day !

Top picture:
Dress: Berenice in Pink by Blue Blood
Hair: Veruca II by Tribal Soul
Boots: Dare Me boots in Hot Pink by Thalia's Fashion
Skin: August group in Ivory gift by Filthy

Bottom picture:
Dress: Goth Dolly in Black by Blue Blood
Hair: Veruca II by Tribal Soul
Boots: Dare Me boots in Red by Thalia's Fashion
Skin: August group in Ivory gift by Filthy

Ready to Fight?

Fashion and Fight ?
Well why not ?
You all know Red Mint, fashion-full designs, creative and innovating items .. but do you know their latest skin lines?
Well there it is !
Now you get the meaning of my question ? Although you can end up like this after certains store's sales !!! Note all those skins include the option of parted lips !
But there are not only those two skins which got released but also a brand new kind of makeup !
All of those pretties being part of the new product line : PRIME
So here it is... first let's take a nude skin like (r)M n°6 (01) shown above... and now I shall let you check all the options, knowing almost all the packages come with 3 choices. Makeup may apply to eyes only, eyes and lips or eyes and parted lips!
PRIME Makeup 5 to 1
PRIME Makeup 10 to 6
Have fun!

August feels good !

Specially when it starts with pretty gifts like the one Miamai's group members just got !
What more could we be asking for ?

Dress: Kama LGBlue - Group gift by Miamai
Skin: Airhead by Curio
Hair: Andreia by Tribal Soul
Pose box: Polywall by Diesel Works

Sublimate your digits !

If there was a Fashion Bible for newbies in SL ... that'd most surely contain Strawberry Singh blog posts.
She just wrote a post which should be making tons of new players beginnings in SL way way easier. Read it here
And that made me realise I never took time to make her "What's your digits" challenge.
So here are mine and you can find tons of others in the flickr group !
Maelenn wears the bikini by Severed Garden, previously blogged here. Hair is Andreia by Tribal Soul.
The skin (which is so super pretty and I still can believe I hadn't shown it before !) is from Curio and was the gift for Truth District opening. Well in my defense, I totally match the skin's name... and that explains this little delay!
So if you haven't guessed.. it's called airhead and if you click on the close-up you'll get a larger view of the picture and a better sight of the gorgeous skin!
Sua wears the latest release by Fantasia, called Wanaleia. Yes it's fresh and summery and makes you want to run.. free and so slighty dressed on a beach !
Well, you can grab one (or more) of the six colors available at the store for the little price of 300L!
Hair was one of the model hair.. but I haven't been able to find it last time I went to 69.
Skin the usual from Firefall !

Enjoy !

What a Pugly head !

Wasabi Pills just put out for sale the Pugly head which had been made for MadPea Ghost hunt.. Super funny and affordable ! (50L)
Go grab yours at Wasabi Pills store !
Note: It's been precised that no pugs have been harmed during the making of this pugly head... phew !

And I thought the latest released really deserved more attention cos I really really really loved them... so here they are again to remind you of their cuteness (and in slighty nicer pics :p)
Kiki II
Enjoy !

Location: Avilion Forest
Skin: Iren Melissa Toffee
Dress: Arwen's Creations - Roleplay Starter Gown

More about Iren

In a previous post I was talking to you about the [Iren] skin I was wearing ... but I owed you to show you a bit more of it !
So  .. two dresses ! First is My Old Dress; made for The Fashion Garret.
Second is called A Dress and was to grab at Chic Boutique, (yeah.. I got a little late but now instead you can get a delicious blue knitted dress for the very small price of 65L !
So .. as you guessed, it's a very good thing to visit Chic Boutique for it gathers different items from several designers for a nice discounted price !
And Melissa, I totally loved Melissa in Toffee so I've decided to show you my three favourite skins from this pack !
Melissa Toffee - Pink Lady, Silver and Tigre

Hair: Blonde one: Brooklyn by [Me.] * Black one: Dee by Tribal Soul
Boots: Soho boots (old group gift) by Maitreya