Friday, August 5, 2011

More about Iren

In a previous post I was talking to you about the [Iren] skin I was wearing ... but I owed you to show you a bit more of it !
So  .. two dresses ! First is My Old Dress; made for The Fashion Garret.
Second is called A Dress and was to grab at Chic Boutique, (yeah.. I got a little late but now instead you can get a delicious blue knitted dress for the very small price of 65L !
So .. as you guessed, it's a very good thing to visit Chic Boutique for it gathers different items from several designers for a nice discounted price !
And Melissa, I totally loved Melissa in Toffee so I've decided to show you my three favourite skins from this pack !
Melissa Toffee - Pink Lady, Silver and Tigre

Hair: Blonde one: Brooklyn by [Me.] * Black one: Dee by Tribal Soul
Boots: Soho boots (old group gift) by Maitreya

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