Thursday, August 4, 2011

Follow me to the path of roleplaying ...

Arwen's Creations just sent out to group members an adorable groupgift called "Roleplay Starter Gown".
Warm and deep, rich textures, skillfull prim work and a few mix and match options... what more could we be asking for?
Arwen RP starter gown 1
Usually the group is free to join but while the gift is out, there's a little fee of 50L ... so needless to say it's totally worthy. Once the gift is gone, the dress will be on sale at the store, so I wonder... what are you still doing here ?
Arwen RP starter gown 2
Enjoy !!

Skin: Iren - Melissa Tofee
Hair: Tribal Soul - Andreia
Location: Avilion Forest

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