Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Still about Me.

No, no... I'm not being self-centered that much.
I'm speaking of Me. Hair, a great store I discovered during Hair Fair (gotta love those Fairs!)
There have been two new releases this week and yes, it's always pretty!
First is Lilly.. short, slightly messed hairstyle and as per usual, the hair comes as a "Everything" item, modifiable through the HUD. Note you can have a different color for the highlights ! Great isn't it?
Second is Brooklyn. Longer style, still looking a little messy.. but not any less gorgeous !

Hop after the break to see the details of the outfits and a pic of the previous release, Kara!

Pants and pink top: From Emily Full Avatar pack by Thalia
Sapphire Top: Miao Robin Blouse

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