Friday, August 5, 2011

Ready to Fight?

Fashion and Fight ?
Well why not ?
You all know Red Mint, fashion-full designs, creative and innovating items .. but do you know their latest skin lines?
Well there it is !
Now you get the meaning of my question ? Although you can end up like this after certains store's sales !!! Note all those skins include the option of parted lips !
But there are not only those two skins which got released but also a brand new kind of makeup !
All of those pretties being part of the new product line : PRIME
So here it is... first let's take a nude skin like (r)M n°6 (01) shown above... and now I shall let you check all the options, knowing almost all the packages come with 3 choices. Makeup may apply to eyes only, eyes and lips or eyes and parted lips!
PRIME Makeup 5 to 1
PRIME Makeup 10 to 6
Have fun!

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