Friday, August 5, 2011

Sublimate your digits !

If there was a Fashion Bible for newbies in SL ... that'd most surely contain Strawberry Singh blog posts.
She just wrote a post which should be making tons of new players beginnings in SL way way easier. Read it here
And that made me realise I never took time to make her "What's your digits" challenge.
So here are mine and you can find tons of others in the flickr group !
Maelenn wears the bikini by Severed Garden, previously blogged here. Hair is Andreia by Tribal Soul.
The skin (which is so super pretty and I still can believe I hadn't shown it before !) is from Curio and was the gift for Truth District opening. Well in my defense, I totally match the skin's name... and that explains this little delay!
So if you haven't guessed.. it's called airhead and if you click on the close-up you'll get a larger view of the picture and a better sight of the gorgeous skin!
Sua wears the latest release by Fantasia, called Wanaleia. Yes it's fresh and summery and makes you want to run.. free and so slighty dressed on a beach !
Well, you can grab one (or more) of the six colors available at the store for the little price of 300L!
Hair was one of the model hair.. but I haven't been able to find it last time I went to 69.
Skin the usual from Firefall !

Enjoy !

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