Thursday, August 11, 2011

Making the hullabaloo in the country

Yes.. we can!
And this post is just about to show you how.
First get some Hullabaloo.. one or two spoon if you're sugar-addicted !
Ella (dress and bloomer) in grey [Can be worn as a dress]
Then add some L'Abel Country on it ... and then add whatever you like. I picked some huge strawberries as you can see !
Ella (dress and bloomer) in grey [Can be worn as a dress]
Then swing it once or twice ... and ta dam !
Anna Lace Top in White and Lana Leggings in Raspberry
Hullabaloo is a freshly opened posestore made by a talented fellow blogger Sawa Gothly of Sawa's Style blog. You may check the store blog also for infos, update and all the usual :)
So besides the gift, you may (if not must) get one or more of the three sets of poses already available: Kat, Emma and Lilly, each one containing 10 poses for the small price of 250L$!
Lana Leggings in Raspberry and Indina Cardigan in Pink
About L'Abel .. and Ivalde, of course, this is the second part of the country collection [First part blogged here] and it's not any less cute !
As per usual, it's soft colors and delicate designs with a touch a summer !
Now I'll let you enjoy the pics !
Indina Cardigan in Pink and Alica Pants in LightCoral
Odrina (dress, bloomer and tunic) in Denim Blue
July Shirt in Cream and Alica pants in White

Pose : Top picture is Hullabaloo gift "Hands in Pants"
Outfits: All by L'Abel and Ivalde - Country Collection Part II
Hair: Aura by Adoness in Copper
Skin: Alexandra - Tan 08 by Filthy
Shoes: Freedom Sneakers by Baby Monkey
Glasses: Vain Sunglasses in Dark Blue (random gift giver inside the mainstore) by Purplemoon

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