Thursday, March 15, 2012

A touch of Purity

Ok a mix of greatness here and this will be all for tonight !
First the great Sachi has recently released some skins, to free your inner drow or .. demon.
I also got a total crush for the latest TPD gown, Danielle and for the upcoming collection from Krystal: Purity
Krystal and The Princess Shoppe can both be found on Yesan sim, here and here
Krystal officially opened on friday and to celebrate it, there is be a small picture contest on flickr.
You may want join the in-world group. There is a small fee (25L) but i heard there would be gifties regularly !
Also .. a quick look at the latest cuteness from there.. A Tea for One Ring !
Finally ... and not the least. I wanted to show you the gorgeous Vanessa skin by Filthy. This pure pale skin, with delicate and elegant makeup totally stole my heart !
More pics and all credits after the cut !

Gown : Danielle by The Princess Shoppe
Jewels : Purity by Krystal
Silks : Nixie by Severed Garden
Skin : Vanessa by Filthy
Hair : Abbey by Elikatira
Poses by Status

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