Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Dandelion Fairy

First .. I would like to remind you all of a very simple rule.
Never piss off a fairy. Even a Petite.
Or you might receive a (Petite) spanking !

Next, I'm trying to catch up on Luna's Color Challenge. Last week was Dandelion and I should have been posted something Avocado yesterday.
So here is Dandelion, and I'll dig in my inventory to find something Avocado, before to start thinking about .... Aquamarine!
Oh and no way to skip the gorgeous Purity set by Krystal .. a jewelry store which will be soon opening ! Keep your eyes peeled !
More pics and all credits after the cut

On Rose:

Outfit : Ariel in Rainbow by Evie's Closet (Fortune Teller prize)
Jewels : Purity Set by Krystal
Hair by Elikatira
Skin by Curio

On Mae:
Outfit : Ariel in Rainbow and Yellow by Evie's Closet (Petite edition)
Hair : Monique by Wasabi Pills (Petite Edition)

Poses used by Gola (rainbow pic) and Fly Lily (yellow pic)

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