Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Party all night and take a day off

That sounds like a good idea actually.
Some fruity cocktail, the kind to drag you down from "I'm-a-little tipsy-street" to "Drunk-avenue" in no time but with a smile.
Some nice music and stare at the hot-looking DJ.
Ok .. that's not so often happening in SL. Because most of the time, clubs are crowded with gestures-addicted people.. and the hot-looking DJ often ends up being a guy with oversized shoulders, bling attachements and as much conversation as a roasted duck can have.
Anyway. I feel like partying tonight... who's up ?
 Tomorrow.. whenever we get out of bed (and after making sure nobody unexpected is sleeping on the other side of the bed) we can just take a walk outside.
Spring is there, flowers are blossoming and if we get lucky, sky will be sunny.
Why not get some fine foods and have a bicycle ride to the lake ?
And sleep all afternoon, rocked by the sound of water.
Ah darn, it's time to wake up and go to work 'cos dreams are nice.. but who will pay the rent?

Party :
Dress : Milie Petite in Black Cherry Liqueur by Evie's Closet (gift for Moolto Hunt)
Hair : Locked by Elikatira
Skin : Vanessa by Filthy
Boots : Flutter booots by lassitude & ennui 

Flower :
Top : Portland Tee (Antelope) by Kyoot
Pants : by 22769 (gift for Depraved Skin Madness Hunt)
Hair : Rivers Run by Exile
Skin : Vanessa by Filthy 

Lake :
Dress : Frenchie Teal by (only on marketplace atm)
Bicycle : Chelsea by What Next
Hair : Unwritten Lyrics by Exile
Skin : Vanessa by Filthy
Feet : Flat Bare Feet by Gaeline

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