Monday, December 12, 2011

Ynuit Snow Queen

I don't like winter. It's a fact. I don't like snow either. However, this outfit released by sYs as part of their winter collection made me want to do a snow post. The outfit comes with furry pant flares and shoes, but I wanted to make it look a bit different - and also match the Je Suis chapka. I also changed the windlight a bit , because I get the chills when I see too much white :D

Also, I had to try the new Glam Affair skin, Linn. This is the brand's latest group gift, in the Snow Queen version. As usual, the face is stunning!

Skin: Linn - Snow Queen by Glam Affair (group gift)
Hat: Chapka by Je suis for Fashionably Late
Outfit: Ynuit by sYs (new)
Boots: Surrey V2 by Baby Monkey
Poses: Adorkable (25 days of free poses)

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