Friday, December 30, 2011

Tchin !

 Sweetpies, you will have to forgive me if I can't show you all the awesome things being releasing at the time... because they are way too much !!!
Anyway, I (once more) got a total crush on Alexohol items (part of TOSL) so here they are, along with some Baby Monkey's shoes, Juxtapose (pose of course !) and Wasabi Pills hair *drools*
 Yes, I have been drooling from the very second I saw on my plurk TL a little window saying "New Wasabi Pills mesh hair". Of course, fast as the thunder, I clicked on it. And that's when it happened.
I started drooling.
Amanding is absolutely gorgeous. I love everything about it. The braids, the (color-change) hairband .. everything.
Oh and for the "Tchin"... it's what we usually say in France for "Cheers!"

Outfits: Pic 1 is Jackie O's Rose in Maroon and Pic 2 is Dreamy Winter Sweater Dress in Black both by Alexohol (TOSL)
Skin: Angel - Petal Dark by Curio (actual group gift)
Hair: Amandine by Wasabi Pills
Shoes: Ultimate Lily by Baby Monkey (TOSL)
Pose: Goodbye 2011 by Juxtapose

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