Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Before It Ends

Dec 12 2011

Crazy how fast time can get out of control these days, sheesh! Being completely submersed in RL school finals these last couple weeks means I’m just now getting around to a few of the big events that have been going on in December. One of those things is the Royal Living hunt. I’m mentioning this specifically because it ends on the 15th! It’s worth taking a look at before it’s over!

Dec 12 2011

Yesterday was a complete train wreck on a personal level (I’ll spare the details) and this is pretty much appropriate to how I felt. The entire living room set, minus the fireplace and decor on the fireplace is from Meberry. The fireplace with decor is What Next. Both are the items from the Royal Living Hunt and so worth it if you do any house setups or like me, studio sets! I used the skybox that’s available from SLUG for the With Love, Again hunt as the room to put it in. This picture doesn’t really do it much justice wise but it’s a great little skybox with really well done textures.

The skin is a special from Pink Fuel available at the event, Mabinogion. I know this isn’t a permanent thing but don’t know when it ends so if you want it, hurry up! I added the tears/redness tattoo and special eyes from Izzie’s. If you ever need a good cry, this set is fantastic and comes with some different options. The comfy sweater is also a newer release from Izzie’s. The rest of the details in the credits! I’m off to play more catch-up!

Skin: Pink Fuel – Elly Tears (for Mabinogion)
Eyes: Izzie’s – Sad Eyes (part of the “I’m not feeling well” set)
Tears Tattoo: Izzie’s – Tears + Redness (part of the “I’m not feeling well” set)
Hair: Magika - Ren
Necklace: U&R Dogs – Xerxes Necklace
Sweater: Izzie’s – Winter Sweater
Pants: Indie Rose – Formal Trousers (Closing sale, through end of December!)
Feet: Slink – Natural Barefeet (MESH)
Living Room Set: Meberry – Angular Set ‘Frost’ (for the Royal Living hunt)
Fireplace Set: What Next – Winter Wonderland Fireplace (for the Royal Living hunt)
Skybox: SLUG – Skaibeaux Skybox (for the With Love (again) hunt)

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