Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Keep up the Hope

While taking a trip to old familiar places, I found those two jewels by Kouse's Sanctum, given out as gift for Avilion Grove Ballroom, a gorgeous place that I'm pretty sure you will want to visit if not already !
 So as the dresscode applies, Kouse generously supplies two version of the Hope gown in an adorable wine color, first one with a simple skirt, the second one being more elaborated.

Outfits : Hope gowns by Kouse's Sanctum, available for free at Avilion Grove
Hair : Analog Dog - Quest in Oak (Point B actual gift)
Skin : Sundust Angel (Dark) by Curio (Actual groupgift and hurry as the group is free to join for only a few days)
Poses : Glitteratti Model pack n°9

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