Monday, February 21, 2011

Surprise !

Morning dear readers !

Yes after so long being held away from you, I'm coming back slowly to my second life... and that means also to blogging.

I'd like to thank all the bloggers who kept the Cat alive for all this time, with great finds and deals.
They're now starting their own blog "Eclectic Equations" so give it a look.
We wish them lot of luck and of course, they're welcome to write for the Cat if they want.

Cat one day, cat forever !!
And to prove this, guess who is coming as well ?

Nope ... Maybe ... ?

Nope !!!

Well I'll let you give it a guess then ^-^..
And you'll know how we celebrate the coming back of a friend with goodies for .. YOU!

Answer tonight !

Have a wonderful day !

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