Thursday, February 24, 2011

A mystic cupcake

What do you do when you come back and have been away for long?
You visit friends, ask news, give some, share some time with them.
Then you visit the place where you used to be or go.
And that's exactly what I did. So after the friend's part, I checked my favorites stores. And one of them is Mystic Sky!
So as you guess, I was pretty much happy to see Skyler John is still here and still creating! And guess who is having a Lucky Cupcake ?

If you're patient, and lucky, you may walk away with this edition of Annabella gown, which includes two styles of skirts: straight and wider.
There is also two cloaks, green and pink, both coming with the scripted hood. You'll also note the flower comes in one of the 2 Annabella's sets [Yes you have to be lucky two times to get the two parts of the set!]

And you could also get the necklace or the flower pin, which complete perfectly the look !

Enjoy !

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