Sunday, February 27, 2011

I'm not from royalty... but I got Blue Blood still

Between all the stores I loved to visit, there was also Blue Blood.
So of course, I had to teleport over there to see what's new.

And Ghanima hasn't been lazy !!! Here a quick review of all her latest pretties.

Elaine is a pretty outfit, or many should I say it's a pretty million outfits!
I'm not showing you all of the possibilities as I wish to show you the other outfits, but between the differents corsets, skirts and lingerie looks you might get lost !
And Ghanima also made a White Gothic version of the dress... Look !
I like the collar part wichn in my opinion, adds a touch of classy !

Next comes Tuesday
Tuesday is a lovely dress as well.
It comes with 2 différents skirts and winged shoulders ! You'll be as well able to strip it down to a lingerie look... but I'll let you discover it by yourself !

Florence is, as Ghanima described it herself, a versatile outfit. That means you can wear it in many many many ways ! I kept the corset because.. I'm a corset lover .. but you can wear the dress without it as well. There are tons of layers to allow you to mix and match endlessly !
But you can also adopt a sexier look

I assume the name talks for itself about this outfit...

Again you'll have a White Goth version of it and it is really not for the faint at heart ! 2 skirts options, tons of clothing layers or...

Straps only !

Dresses : Blue Blood
Hair :
White one - Apple by Maitreya
Red one : Isa in Natural red by I Love Olive
Shoes : Soho Boots by Maitreya
Drow one (+ ears): Elis Exlium by Curious Kitties
Human one : Sofian by Firefall

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