Saturday, January 8, 2011

Falling down from a "Mystic Sky"

I know ... long time no see ... but no worries, I come back with lovely news.
First of all, there is a new release at Mystic Sky and it's simply faeric !

I'm just showing you a few colors of Loralee from all the ones available at the store. It's a really nice work and will satisfy all your "fae-wishes" !
I do love those leaf wings which reminds everyone how much faes are close to nature. The outfit is made of petals and leaves, delicately put together in a lovely way ! The skirt can be white or the same color as the rest of your outfit, a nice option.
And i would like you to pay attention to details now !
What you may not notice if you don't look closely (and no gentlemen... it's not a reason to stare at the ladie's breast !) is this jewel part in the outfit. One of them linking the top together and the other one coming from the belt and surrounding the navel.
And let's not forget the flower you'll place in your hair... what kind of fae would we be without it ? ^-^

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