Sunday, March 11, 2018

11/03/2018 - Sunday Blues

I may or may not already have used that title, at some point, if that's the case, I'm sorry. See, that's why I don't bother looking for titles, usually. Plus, the dates remind me that I need to post more often. Well, that's is, usually, because I've been home for a few days and I miraculously wanted to blog at the same time. So I've been on a (blog) roll. Does anyone even still read this blog? I'm not sure, but you know what? I don't really care. 
Special thanks on this one to my friend Saffron, who told me to go to Backdrop city when I was looking for an urban/office decor for my picture.

Credits :

  • Body : Maitreya - Lara
  • Head : LeLutka - Simone
  • Shape : Banana Banshee - Rosie shape
  • Skin : Murray - Blanca - SKT20 (@skin fair)
  • Eyes : Banana Banshee - Lust
  • Glasses : Sleepy Eddy - Boston Glasses (tinted)
  • Hair : Lamb - Cupid (Valentine Day gift)
  • Lashes : Arte - Beauty Lashes
  • Dress : The Secret Store - Martha Bodycon Dress - Sailor
  • Jacket : The Secret Store - Lisa Lines Coat - Navy
  • Necklaces : Maxi Gossamer - Lydia (short, medium and long)
  • Shoes : Ingenue - Kathrine Heels - Midnight

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