Monday, February 28, 2011


With Aglaia, I got Revenge ... but with Garage... I got corsets!

Hair: Model 01 by ::69::
Corset: Club Corset v7 by Garage
Shoulders part: Revenge by Aglaia

Pixel Love !

What .. What .. What is it ?
Follow the Fae to discover more about the Pixel Dolls gift HERE!

In the House of SilverJinx

What do I hear ? New stuff from House of SilverJinx?

First there is the Peasant Caste dress, simple design but realistic !

Next comes Dandilyon Garden Skirt Set and my favourite ... Urbane Princess Set.
Caution ... sexy !

Sunday, February 27, 2011


I'm a tad late with this one but Evie has set a special edition of the Elizabeth gown to celebrate the end of Get Snapped event at her store.
So run and get it !

I'm not from royalty... but I got Blue Blood still

Between all the stores I loved to visit, there was also Blue Blood.
So of course, I had to teleport over there to see what's new.

And Ghanima hasn't been lazy !!! Here a quick review of all her latest pretties.

Elaine is a pretty outfit, or many should I say it's a pretty million outfits!
I'm not showing you all of the possibilities as I wish to show you the other outfits, but between the differents corsets, skirts and lingerie looks you might get lost !
And Ghanima also made a White Gothic version of the dress... Look !
I like the collar part wichn in my opinion, adds a touch of classy !

Next comes Tuesday
Tuesday is a lovely dress as well.
It comes with 2 différents skirts and winged shoulders ! You'll be as well able to strip it down to a lingerie look... but I'll let you discover it by yourself !

Florence is, as Ghanima described it herself, a versatile outfit. That means you can wear it in many many many ways ! I kept the corset because.. I'm a corset lover .. but you can wear the dress without it as well. There are tons of layers to allow you to mix and match endlessly !
But you can also adopt a sexier look

I assume the name talks for itself about this outfit...

Again you'll have a White Goth version of it and it is really not for the faint at heart ! 2 skirts options, tons of clothing layers or...

Straps only !

Dresses : Blue Blood
Hair :
White one - Apple by Maitreya
Red one : Isa in Natural red by I Love Olive
Shoes : Soho Boots by Maitreya
Drow one (+ ears): Elis Exlium by Curious Kitties
Human one : Sofian by Firefall

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A mystic cupcake

What do you do when you come back and have been away for long?
You visit friends, ask news, give some, share some time with them.
Then you visit the place where you used to be or go.
And that's exactly what I did. So after the friend's part, I checked my favorites stores. And one of them is Mystic Sky!
So as you guess, I was pretty much happy to see Skyler John is still here and still creating! And guess who is having a Lucky Cupcake ?

If you're patient, and lucky, you may walk away with this edition of Annabella gown, which includes two styles of skirts: straight and wider.
There is also two cloaks, green and pink, both coming with the scripted hood. You'll also note the flower comes in one of the 2 Annabella's sets [Yes you have to be lucky two times to get the two parts of the set!]

And you could also get the necklace or the flower pin, which complete perfectly the look !

Enjoy !

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

From the Cat to the Fae

Heya !! Here are some goodies for you from ~L&S~ store.
This dress totally caught my eyes when i discovered it. It's called Fabrysse and its gypsy style perfectly matched my feline side.

It also has a little wench look that i like *grins*
Plus .. if you join the store group, you'll have too gifts.
Free plain and creamy shirts and one 10L dress
Want to discover them ?? Then give a look at the Fae

Hair: Zoey (old gift) in Red from Magika
Dress: Fabrysse Gypsy Gown from ~L&S~

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Michelle was a lovely lady, elegant, mischievous... and she met Kouse and for this meeting has come this dress !
Michelle comes in a various selection of colors and with golden or silver trim in order to match your wishes! You'll notice the attention given to the bust part with this adorable jewel.
To say it short, another great piece of work from Kouse!
I truly love how it is at the same time formal and so feminine, a true symphony of beauty !
I have to say this red version really caught my heart, even if it's not Valentine's Day anymore

Hair from House of Heart - Tuli in Cloud (not sure it still exists)
Ears (comes in a set with the tail and HUD) - ATOMIC
Dresses - Kouse's Sanctum

Guess what the Cat Brought Back...


No, I wasn't dead... I was just doing other stuff, I'll tell you about it in a next post...maybe!

For my first post back on Look What the Cat Brought, I'd like to show you the "me" look. No beautiful, no faerie apparel, just me, pretty much as I look like and dress in real life (except for the gorgeous skin and hair and ears and... *laughs* you get the idea!) Anyway, this is Rosie, live from SL, and back in the Cat's team! I'd also like to thank Maelenn (aka Suavana, aka Mouseface) for the opportunity to blog on what we both created a long time ago.


Monday, February 21, 2011

Surprise !

Morning dear readers !

Yes after so long being held away from you, I'm coming back slowly to my second life... and that means also to blogging.

I'd like to thank all the bloggers who kept the Cat alive for all this time, with great finds and deals.
They're now starting their own blog "Eclectic Equations" so give it a look.
We wish them lot of luck and of course, they're welcome to write for the Cat if they want.

Cat one day, cat forever !!
And to prove this, guess who is coming as well ?

Nope ... Maybe ... ?

Nope !!!

Well I'll let you give it a guess then ^-^..
And you'll know how we celebrate the coming back of a friend with goodies for .. YOU!

Answer tonight !

Have a wonderful day !