Monday, February 8, 2010

Your body Is A Wonderland

At Gothic Dreams u will find a nice range of cool goth clothes, a nice dark wonderland themed build, and a whole lot of MM boards to hit.

Look at this *uber* cute Wonderland backpack which i got from the MM board behind the front desk. Its got maps and badges and stuff and a really cute bunneh to cuddle and as soon as Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland is released ur going to so need this backpack so go get it now *here* at Gothic Dreams... and of course, have backpack... will travel... so i packed up and ran away from home for a while:

 Shes Leaving Home

Which is how i found u all some really cute free and cheap skins! But don't wait around, they are limited time so u need to go now and get them.

At Dilly Dolls, Oriana Kuhr has started making skins again. She has a free skin out for Valentine's Day... the Sweet Valentine skin. Its free for a limited time and its awesum and its *here* at Dilly Dolls:


At Leafy, Kaethe Dyrssen has started making skins as well as her awesum shapes!! This is her prototype skin, Miso in Natural. For one week only u can buy this skin for just 125L. That week is now half over... SO GO NOW GO NOW *here* at Leafy:

Above U

And there is a skin in the lucky chair at Leafy... the Miso Strawberry Fields skin.. and once again its awesum! Next to the chair is a lucky board with some cool green and red goggles. Stalk that chair and board *here* at Leafy:

Rest And Be Thankful

Enjoy ^.^

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