Sunday, February 28, 2010

I'm ba-ack!!

Ok so the rp world and my birthday and my exams have taken up alot of my time but I was booted up the bottom and my rear is now in gear for some blogging!

So first off we have three gorgeous dresses, the first is part of e!'s 50l sale and I grabbed it cos it's pretty and the other two are Midnight Mania boards from Arwen's Creations (1 and 2), they're very popular so you're best to slap them fast!

Next we have two skins, they came from eStyle, one from the MM (which has a very high target but is popular so reaches it easily) and the other from the 60 minute lucky chairs.

Full length
Followed by a close up of the two

And lastly I'm doing some shameless self promotion, ALL the poses used were created by me and can be found on my xstreet page, and soon to be inworld shop.

Saff xx

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