Friday, February 19, 2010

Status Quome: Drive-By Shopping!

Y'all, I am beat! Life doesn't always give you lemons, sometimes it throws them at your head over and over till you learn how to catch or get knocked out. :-P But we're here to talk about FUN things, so here we go!

Today's 50L Friday was pretty good and also had something that I see a lot of in my real life.

This barn is from Turnip's Homes & Stuff. All the doors open and it comes with fencing too. There's an accessory pack (also for 50L) that has the haybale table, crates, and hay groundcover. Hair from !SyDS!, 80L... there's a black version in the group-only lucky boards. Boots from M'z, not free.

This pretty dress is from KYOOT. It has a gorgeous lowcut back and nice sheer lace in the front.

This one's from &Bean and comes with two skirt options, with/without belt. The hair is from Tiny Bird called By & By. There's other shades of brown available too.

This isn't a 50L Friday outfit. Even better, it's free! I saw this on Karla Scorbal's blog and RAN to Donna Flora to get it. There's a pair of dollarbie earrings also, and if you look around, the Shoe Hunt gift is nearby. I love Donna Flora! The perfectly matching necklace is on the Midnight Mania at Ganked, or you can buy it for 75L if you're impatient. Two other free/cheap sets and a lucky chair there as well. If you like statement-making jewelry it's an awesome place to go!

Hurry and get your 50L Friday fix before it's over!

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