Thursday, July 5, 2012

Inspired by You, You, You and You!

This Post is inspired by a ton of fellow bloggers, you will find their Blogs in my Sidebar . Ladies you are made of AWESOME!!!!

Suede Patchwork Mini Dress NEW by Tausendschoen (Anyusha Lilienthal)
Punjab top in three colours subscriber gift by LeeZu (LeeZu Baxter)
California Dream Boots FREE by ALB (AnaLee Balut)
Mar jewelry subscriber gift by FZaPP (Fernandinha Zapedzki)
Half Torn Tights Cheapie by Chandelle (Chandelle Resident)
Bag with 3 textures group gift by Oracion (v0may0v Resident)
Start of Summer skin group gift by Panda Punx (Lluna Nitely)
Parade hair by Elikatira (Elika Tiramisu)
Circus Dress group gift by Opium (Leinad Constantine)
Leggings Lucky Board by Chandelle (Chandelle Resident)
Shoes free by Oracion (v0may0v Resident)
Vanessa skin group gift by Yoon (Kitori Yuheng)
Tattoo freebie by BeeMake (BunBun Hirszhorn)
Aisha hair NEW by eXxEsS (Layja Vidor)
Hairband group gift by ASO (Menieelee Gelles)
Earrings subscriber gift by by FZaPP (Fernandinha Zapedzki)
Anne Dress and Flats group gift by Izzie`s (Izzie Button)
Necklace and earrings free by CentoPallini HERE:
Chepe skin group gift by Modish (Ele Brandi)
Dress FREE Group gift by Chandelle (Chandelle Resident)
Sakura Facetattoo free by BeeMake (BunBun Hirszhorn)
Miranda skin group gift by Panda Punx (Lluna Nitely)
Veela hair NEW by eXxEsS (Layja Vidor)
Dress VIP Group gift by Chandelle (Chandelle Resident)
Blanca skin group gift by Akeruka (Kaoz Koba)

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