Saturday, July 7, 2012

500 LS Avatar Challenge

Happy Rezzday “NoobieUPDATEonly500LS”
First group invite to some sex group, no but no thank you…
Let`s do some magic on the Look now:
1. Bella complete Avi by R.icielli (Vliet Troncon) - 99 LS 24h special offer on Marketplace
2. Eyes by Banana Banshee (Rosemarie Indigo)10 LS
3. Belted Romper by Boom (Aranel Ah)88 LS at Collabor88
4. Hair with hat taken from Garden outfit by Ray Skin (Ray Lunasea)1LS
5. Band aids by Esuga (Elfie Sugarplum)10 LS
6. Cherry Bangles by Kitsch Me (Guinevere Kirshner) - 1 LS
7. Love Triangle necklace by Kitsch Me (Guinevere Kirshner) - 1 LS
8. Polkadots shoulder bag by KissKissBangBang (Delia Linette)5 LS
10. No Bag No Life (4 Poses ) by tapoe* (aiko Avril)10 LS
11. Cuty AO Simple Edition by Miroku (Miroku Nitely)10 LS

Makes a total of 226 LS

Please welcome: Cutiepie

Love Shayariel


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