Sunday, March 14, 2010

I'm on a quest

Hiya lovelies !

Before everything else... I want to apologise for my absence.
I had to clear some stuff and I went on some "personal" quests.
But I'm finally back and glad to find you here, and all the friends I loved.
Thanks you all for staying around.
And I see quests still rule the SL world... just like "Quest for Excalibur" Hunt (Greatest Love hunt) with some adorable gifts like Kouse's Sanctum one.
This special edition of Diana is simply delicious. I've always been fond of Kouse's work, but I also very much enjoyed simple designs... and sincerely, in this category, Diana is probably the best design I saw in SL.
Stunning textures.. elegant prim work.. just amazing. Anyway .. Arthuro told me there is more to see.
" RFL fair has started."
" Serious?? Dang it I'm late !!!"

Take care all, I got to check it ! Back later with more goodies !

Dress by Kouse

Excalibur Dwarf by Fairy Pearls

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