Friday, March 12, 2010

Come tiptoe through the Tuli-ps

I have to say Tuli IS my favourite maker of skins, and she's released a new set called Eva (now I think I got these via the subscribo but sometimes stuff does just land in my inventory) they're apparently coming soon to the store

They are utterly stunning, I'm just speachless at the quality, if you get a closer look at the snaps I took you'll see how natural the skins look, the fine quality of eyeshadow and layering you get with them.

The lips are sumptuous, poutable, kissable, delectable.. they're just incredible.

I think they're utterly utterly stunning and they go with absolutely everything, they come in 7 tones (I wear tone 3 here) and come with two types of cleavage, one natural (for those like me with small boobs) and one for the ample chested.

Saff xx

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