Monday, October 15, 2012

Horns, ghosts and scars

Hello everyone! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! This week's post is a tad halloweenish, with Somnia's group gift, free eyes, cheap make up,fun horns and absofuckinglutely gorgeous mesh hands! See below for the detailed credits.

Credits :

  • Skin : Sprout, cocoon 2, Curio (+ Airhead eyebrows)
  • Make up : Payback tattoo layer, Adore and Abhor for Cinema (50l$)
  • Eyes : Classic gen4, oriental pearl, Poetic Colors (FREE)
  • Horns : Rawr Horns, teal and black, Somnia for Resting Place event
  • Hair : Darling Nikki, marone, Exile
  • Shirt : Boo Too, teal, Somnia (group gift)
  • Pants : Zooey, raven, Jane (discontinued)
  • Hands : Mesh hands, various poses, Slink (NEW)

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