Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Witch Way?

Marina Ramer and Jaylin Whitewood from Aphrodite Shop have outdone themselves with the latest Releases for Halloween. I was almost lost for words when i discovered everything.

 I Show you all the cool pics in the slideshow below :

- “Green Claw Swamp” Witch Hut : This unique witches hut of small size has two floors, its made on grunge swamp wood colors, and it includes an optional menu controlled fire witches fireplace (8 prims), a color changing “dark bats” chandelier, two animated spiderwebs to decorate with spiders moving on/off on touch, and  a pentagram “puzzle” openable door, you need to rotate correctly the pentagram in order to access the witch´s house, a very cool touch.

- “Green Claw Swamp” Add-on to Hut This is a fantastic add-on for your With Hut (see relatives) or for decorating your Halloween places this year, it includes a small and a big swamp, both with green ghost fog comming out, an old rotten wood bridge, and a dead tree, it also includes a full moon and everything you need for decorating or making a scary swamp.

- The Witches Corner-Halloween table set for wiccan, mage  & more  Aphotecary shelves (2 prim) * Snow White witch framed on a gothic frame, with following eyes and scary laughter like on the movie on touch on/off (6 prims) * Working fireplace with menu controlled fire (8 `prims) * Witch special animated brew in silver steaming cauldron (6 prims) * A Matching rug (1 prim) * Chandeliers with on/off candles (8 prims each) * Witchcraft table and spells book on stand (3 prims)
The table rezzes many fun scenes to choose from a menu like wiccan, seer, curse spell, love spell, making love potion, making bloody potion,alchemy, herbalism with mortar and pestle, dead spell, preparing halloween lanterns and candles, making hallowen food, searching for a spell on the book, locating the missing spell, tarot, crystal ball, making vodoo & so much more!
As first please watch the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9S10m7gNeKs&feature=youtu.be

- “My lil Boo” and “My lil Monster” Kids gift Baskets

Other Credits:
Morgana Witch Outfit by Severed Garden
Vengeance Skin by Nikita Fride
Fall into autumn Kids Outfit by Baby Pie
“Woodglade +” DreamScene as surrounding by Garden of Dreams

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