Sunday, October 2, 2011

Jazzy Sunday

What do we have today ?
A dress by Tainted, gift for TOSL hunt, hair by Wasabi Pills, totally lovely as per usual, skin by Al Vulo, glasses by Acid and Mala (for TOSL as well) and all that on some jazzy poses by Diesel Works.

Oh lovely sunny sunday !

Dress: Night Out Brown by Tainted (heels and jewels included) [TOSL hunt gift]
Glasses: Reader Glasses Magenta by Acid & Mala (comes in several versions) [TOSL hunt gift]
Hair: Long one is Eve (available with or without pearls) and short one is Mimi (available with or without ribbon) by Wasabi Pills [not free]
Skin: (except the left one which is Red Mint) skin is Jenny Fairy by Al Vulo [not free]
Poses: All that Jazz by Diesel Works [actual gift in store]

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