Saturday, May 29, 2010

Plastic Flowers

With the horrible weather we're getting in the UK right now, my plants are getting soggy and drowned so I decided to settle for some Plastic Flowers!
This is Plastic Flower's new skin release, "gothly", I love the details and shading. The eye detail is gorgeous, sultry and smokey. perfect for dark moments or for being a sultry babe. The skin is ONLY 25l, I have no idea WHY they're sold so cheap as they're fantastic quality, stunning and beautifully made!
But you should definately go check them out, Plastic Flowers sells shapes for quite reasonable prices too and most of the skins are under 50l!

And before I get dressed fully I thought I'd step out in these beautiful shoes I snagged on the lucky chair at Baby Monkey they're texture change for the animal print, the leather detail, the sole and heel and the laces so they're definately worth the wait!

Saff xx

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