Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Apple, Pear, Hourglass or Boyish?

So I thought today would be the day to prowl around and see if I could find some good freebie shapes, and tadaa, I did just that! All these shapes are by the same maker (by Snow) and can be found on the xstreet link [Click to see the pictures Close Up]

I used the same lighting, same pose, same skin and the same hair for all these so that you could see properly what the differences are. And I have to admit it probably wasn't a good idea as shapes 1 and 3 are for darker skin tones and shape 2 is for a Na'vi
But you can tell that these shapes are good quality for such a non-existant price and are rather pretty.
Do go see if they'd suit your avatar and the skins you own as I will do with these.
Saff xx

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